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Re: CO2 regulation

>I am curious if anyone with a CO2 cylinder setup has used a low pressure
>regulator (about 2psi) without a needle valve.  Has anyone done this
>and used regular aquarium gang valves with any success?  I'm wondering if
>there is a way to get by without the needle valve.  Did anybody experiment
>with this kind of setup?

I'm using a 5lb bottle and a regulator that I purchased from the local home
brew supply.  For a needle valve, I am using a brass aquarium airline
valve.  I removed the rubber "boot" inside the valve and screwed it finger
tight(snug).  I adjust the pressure to get the amount of flow I need.  The
brass valve acts as a controlled "leak".  It takes about 5 to 7 lbs of
pressure to get one bubble per second.  I've been using it for eight months
with no problems.  The pH holds constant at 7 and my last cylinder refil is
starting on its 7th month.

k5vkq at ix_netcom.com