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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #866

Hi all-

My two cents on R. macaranda.  I have probaly twenty individual stem
growing in my 75g community and all show the same basic color pattern. 
They are greenish red most of the way up the stalk until within 2-3cm of
the surface. For the last two weeks I have not trimmed and now have
about 12cm bending over at the surface.  This surface length is
brilliant red/magenta.  Nothing about my fertilization regimen has
changed in that time frame.  I use 120w total with 1 Vitalite, 1 Triton,
and 1 Coralife 5000K.  I use CO2 and FloraSan fetilizer daily at
1/2capful (probably~2.5ml).  Substrate is ~1.5mm gravel with nothing but
fish excrement for fertilizer.  My two cents.  One question though.  My
R. macaranda recently began spotaneously brancing at leaf nodes forming
almost always two new shoots at a time.  Does this noramally happen w/o