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Re: Increasing your light

Dear Tetra59057 at aol_com

If you want to spare the pocketbook Home Depot (or equivalent) is
the way to go. You can purchase flour. fixtures from HD usually
for under $25 or so. But be aware that 24" and 48" are the most
common and easiest to buy lamps for. So if your current set-up
will accomodate these sizes then go to the next step.
(Next step)
You will have to build a "canopy" to house the fixture. This can
be done with plywood end cuts etc, (may have to scrounge around
but it's not that difficult.)
There are DIY plans and descriptions available in the
Krib. Believe me I'm no carpenter but its easy to build your own
hood. Just think about it, picture it, bounce your idea off of
somebody and go for it.
BTW if you can grow sword plants then you should be able to grow
Java fern and Java moss with ease. Also some crypts will do ok in
dim light. A recent thread on this list has discussed finding the
right plants for *your* conditions. So maybe an alternative would
be to seek out low-light loving plants (sounds good doesnt it?)
fill your tank with them. Java fern and moss can look very cool
when terraced with rock and driftwood.
One final note (whew!): it's interesting that you said your
Rotala grows. They are usually quite photophillic. 
Anyway best of luck.

Marshall Wilkinson
Calgary Alberta