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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #866

I have a 55 gallon tank and when I put plants in it the always seem to slowly
wither away and eventually die.  Right now the only plants that don't seem to
be very much effected are 4 amazon sword plants and 2 rotalas.  When I
started to research on why this might be happening I realized I had FAR too
little light in the tank. (two 18" 15 watt bulbs) I first was a little mad at
the dealer for not informing me that the lighting was in-sufficient, and also
at myself for not researching enough about the tank and the plants I wanted
to put in it.  But anyway, the point of this posting is that when I tried to
but some new bulbs I went to all the local pet-shops and none of them had
what I needed (all were too low of wattage) so I went to home depot and they
did'nt  have the right stuff.  Does anyone know of any way I can increase the
lighting in this tank without spending a whole lot  of money because I'm 14
and I mow lawns as a business and I don't exactly have a huge budget.  Can
anyone help me?  Thanks in advance