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I just received a copy a DOA, 7th edition, (the updated German version of
TOA), and thought it could be of benefit to this list if I offer to
translate *selected* portions of the original - mainly to clear up points
that were muddied in the published translation.
However, TOA is based on the 5th edition of DOA, so some points will be
different, corrected, updated, or missing in the 7th. 

If you have a problem understanding certain paragraphs in TOA, please send
me, via private e-mail, the page/paragraph reference. I will then post a
(hopefully more understandable) translation here on the list. Obviously,
for copyright reasons, your requests should be kept reasonably short. 

Michael Eckardt - mike at odg_com
Ontario Drive & Gear Limited - http://www.odg.com
New Hamburg , ONT - 519-662-2840