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Re: Mystical Laterite?

>Am I wrong in my assessment that laterite is merely a generic term for
>clay? Perhaps not requiring even a "high" iron content to hold the title
>of ""LATERITE""?
>My home is located in Southern Ontario. The country side in this area is
>strewn with pockets of "rust red" clay. Only pockets remain as the
>glaciers of the ice age scoured most of the surface away.
>Is it possible that this is the very same substance as the much touted
>If so, and I dig some up to put in my tank, does it have to be treated
>in any manner ie. drying, disinfecting etc.?
>Any feedback on these questions will be appreciated.

Hi Martyn ! :-)

If you want to know more about laterite, go here :


The article is written by the Excellent Kaspar Horst. You will learn that what you get in Canada is probably not laterite... Be carefull ! Some aquarium products mannufacturers sell laterite that is not laterite !!! Buy laterite by Dupla... read the article and you will understand why ! I use only Laterite from Dupla, and I must say that it's not a mystical thing !!! It worls great for me in my 115 Gal aquarium...

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