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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #863


>I have a question about duckweed that I'm hoping you could help with.

Although I can't answer your questions directly I can agree with your 
anecdotal findings. 

>I work at an industrial facility, and our domestic wastewater is treated in
>an aerated lagoon.  The lagoon typically gets covered with duckweed by this
>time of the year, and we believe that the duckweed is what prevents algae
>growth.  Typically, with the duckweed, our lagoon effluent is very good.

In my aquatic plant tank I also find that duckweed prevents algae, I think this 
has something to do with the way it cuts out the direct light to the lower 
levels of the tank. Green algae seems to prefer direct light whereas the higher 
plants that I grow (Echindorus, Anubias, Vallisneria etc) seem to be adjusted to
light filtering through a tree canopy or through the leaves of terestrial plants
growing on the margins. 

I have noticed that when my tank is most healthy the duckweed growth is massive.
>This year, however, the duckweed just hasn't taken hold.  We have very small
>patches of it, but not enough to make a difference.  There is significant
>algae, and our effluent is suffering.
>I have a couple of questions:
>1. What are the conditions that promote duckweed growth?

Not sure exactly, but I suspect that strong light and high nitrates are the best

>2. Is it possible to transplant duckweed?  There are several ponds nearby by
>with prodigious amounts of duckweed, so I'm wondering if I could take some
>of theirs to get ours going.

If the conditions are correct for duckweed then its growth is massive 
(exponential? even). It is very easy to transplant, being a floating plant, but 
if the conditions are not good it will be a waste of time.



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