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fertilizer question??

I went to my local garden shop and found a fertilizer with chelated iron that
I would love to try on my aquatic plants, but I want to be sure it won't hurt
my fish. It contains the following: Chelated Copper .05%
                    Chelated Iron     3.25%
                    Chelated Manganese .15%
                    Chelated Zinc  .15%
These are all derived from sulphates. The brand name is fertilome.  If it
would work, it would last me forever, I'm sure, it's so concentrated. What
would you suggest as a dosage? The thing that got me thinking about this was
an old article  by Frank Greco and he advised using chelated iron and epsom
salts (magnesium supply) at the rate of a drop per gal per month, with a
solution of so much in a pint of water. Thanks for any info.