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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #862

In a message dated 7/29/97 4:55:14 AM, you wrote:

<<I've been bubbling my yeast-generated CO2 through an airline to the intake
of an Aquaclear over-the-back filter....I'd rather get a steady stream of
smaller bubbles spaced more or less evenly so that I can better gage the
state of my brew.  How do others get that effect?  I used an airstone for 
a while, but got a whispy white growth on the stone, so I stopped.>>

The whispy white stuff appears to be harmless.  Snails that find their way
into the filter compartment seem to eat the stuff.  You can take that hard
plastic tubing and carefully heat it with a small heat gun.  Then either pull
it or put a twist or bend in it.  The constriction will give you smaller and
more bubbles.  Make sure that you haven't completely closed off the opening,

Bill Cwirla
Hacienda Heights