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Fw: Substrate Heaters?

> From: James T Miller <jmiller at ns_net>
> Newsgroups: rec.aquaria.freshwater.plants
> Subject: Substrate Heaters?
> Date: Sunday, July 27, 1997 2:21 PM
> What do people do for substrate heaters?  Do you use some sort of low
> voltage cable?  Where do you buy it?  How does this cable last in aquaria
> conditions?  I wouldn't want to have to rip something out after a couple
> years just when things started going well.
> I've seen some mention of fluid heaters connected to a heated sump.  One
> person felt that the heating fluid couldn't get hot enough to do any
> It would seem that one would only need to measure the return temperature
> the fluid to ensure adequate temperature.  In either the wire or the
> tube case the asymptote for heat transfer would be set by difference
> between the bottom temperature of the tank and the ambient water
> temperature you were trying to maintain.  Heat is heat isn't it?
> tnx
> jtm