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Re: Red light, green light, metal halide daylight

Steve Turner wrote:

>> For people that have switched to a 5200K (or comparable daylight)
bulb - have you noticed a minor or major impact on plant growth (keeping
all other plant requirements the same)? <<

I used a 4300K bulb for a few months and then switched to 5500K.  Any
results I had would be skewed by the fact this is combined with VHO lights
having a 5200K rating.  Still I noticed absolutely no difference in plant
growth, although I did not expect to.  Still in the whiter/bluer light of
the 5500K the plants and water does look better.  The yellow glow of the
4300K bulbs I didn't care for and am glad I made the switch for that reason
if no other.

Doug Valverde