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Re red and green light

If you have full spectrum lighting there may still be a predominance of
green light in the tank due to to reflection of light by the predominantly
green plants (and green algae).  Red plants may have developed to take
advantage of reflected green light. 
I agree with Karen Randall that the intensity is the most important aspect
and the spectrum is probably secondary.  So from the point of view of our
aquariums this would not make much difference.  However, in nature where
intensities are set, one of the ways to take in more energy would be to
select a frequency that is slightly more abundant, because it is not as
well used by the competitors.  
Anyway, here's a question.  I seem to remember something about the way
different wavelengths are used, by plants, to enable different processes to
take place.  I was told one wavelength (I think it was red) is important in
the process of CO2 conversion or something to do with CO2 uptake.  Can
anyone confirm this or nay?.

David Brooks