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Red light, green light

>Of course, aquarists don't go around swapping lights all that frequently 
>in a search for the perfect bulb because of expense and other reasons. 
>They do, however, change their plant species whenever they throw out what 
>doesn't grow in their tank and try something else.
>Perhaps part of being a successful aquatic plant grower is finding the 
>plants that work with the bulb you happen to choose.

I've been growing an awful lot of different plants for a pretty long time
with a number of different bulbs.  I've seen only _very_ minor responses to
changes in bulb spectrum.  What I _have_ seen over and over is that most
plants grow faster and better with more INTENSITY (within limits) as long
as all other plant requirements are met.  I choose my bulbs in terms of
efficiency and the way I like my aquriums to look to my eye.  Beyond that,
I am only concerned with providing _enough_ light.
Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Association