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Re: CO2 regulator

David Brooks wrote <babar100 at ix_netcom.com>

>You mention that you have to empty the bell jar every so often to remove
>air that has got into the CO2 mix in the bell jar.  If CO2 is constantly
>bubbled at a rate of say a bubble every second or two and the excess simply
>bubbles out of the bottom of the bell jar...

Yeah if the CO2 is not dissolving because it is diluted with air, then it
will "burp" up the air when it overflows.

> I do not see how any significant
>amount of air could diffuse into the bell faster than it is pushed out with
>the excess CO2.  I, however, do not know the rate at which air will diffuse
>into a 'artificially' concentrated body of 100 percent concentration gas.
>It would, I guess, work like an arithmetic progression (similar to the
>calculation used to workout the final concentration of elements for PMDD
>when regular water changes are made).

>Another point that may be helpful is to have an over flow tube fixed to a
>hole in the side of the bell jar which takes excess CO2 directly out of the
>tank.  In the light of the unfortunate experience of Dave Gomberg, the
>overflow air line should be fed beyond the cover glass so that there can be
>no build up of CO2 between the cover glass and the surface of the tank
>water.  This way no additional CO2 is added to the tank except due to the
>surface area of the bell jar.

That's a good idea David!