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Re: Red light, green light

>  > Perhaps part of being a successful aquatic plant grower is finding the 
>  > plants that work with the bulb you happen to choose.
>  Bingo!  Nail hit on head!  Archive that!
>  I've always advised people starting out to buy all the different
>  plants types they could find and try them all.  Find the ones that
>  like whatever conditions you've created for whatever reasons you've
>  created them.  Be patient, let those that can adapt, adapt.  Don't
>  frustrate yourself with plants that don't like your technique.   

Let me suggest that people do not start off buying cambomba, a lace plant
or the like.  :)

>  Perhaps the only difference between hi-tech, lo-tech and no-tech is
>  the types of plants that can be maintained. Something is bound to grow
>  well in almost any setup.  

Well, at the same time, it is hard to argue that java fern, anubias sp.,
and water sprite aren't darn hard to kill regardless of the light.

Likewise, I've never heard of anything so frenetic as a crypt in terms
of "works for me", "Not me!", etc.

So, I'd suggest going with the following strategy if one wants an adaption
type tank: 1. identify the quality of light you're maintaining.
2. identify plants that are suited (read: others say they are successful
with same plant under similar conditions) to that quality.  3. experiment
with different plants.