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Rubber plecos

Has anyone seen/heard of rubber plecos?

I was at an excellent pet store yesterday and noticed these intriguing
little drab grey plecos.  This store used them in all their tanks; yes,
even their live plant tanks (this was one of the few stores in the
Midwest with a decent selection of live plants).

If it helps anyone, these were rather mottled, flat plecos with really
wide mouths and their scales seemed to encircle their bodies.  I talked
with the man at the store, and he said they were the best algae eaters
the store had ever come across.  He also mentioned that they only grew to
about 5".

No, the store did not seem to have any Ancistrus or otos, and they
certainly didn't stock SAEs (never seen one around here), but I thought I
would possibly present this information to the algae eater gurus on the
plant list, for their feedback / astonishment / ridicule.

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