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Re: Removal of Water Crust

Re:  Removal of water crust
Marshall Wilkinson wrote:

>Does anybody know how to remove the water crust from aquarium 
>glass? It builds up on my glass tank covers.
>I've tried diluted vinegar but it didnt really do much.

One thing that I have found, as Marshall has noted, is that you cannot 
just wipe off the crust with a rag dipped in vinegar.  The vinegar does 
not stay in contact with the crust long enough to do the job.

What works very well is to saturate rags or paper towels or similar 
with full-strength vinegar and spread them onto the glass on top of the 
crust.  Leave the rags in place for an hour or two.  This gives the 
vinegar time to penetrate the crust completely, and the whole mess can 
easily be wiped away.

Can't remember where I heard this, but it works great.

Paul Chapman
Saskatoon, SK, Canada