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[Fwd: Questions about Delaware native plants/fish tank]

Can someone help Shireen?  I have given her some assistance, but I know
she can get alot more help from the List.


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Hi ...

I'm helping to set up a freshwater tank exhibit at a wildlife 
refuge visitor's center in Delaware. It will feature a 60g 
tank housing plants, fish, and crustaceans from ponds on the 
refuge property.

I've got happy freshwater plants+fish in 20g and 15g tanks at 
home so I'm familiar with the usual plant tank "challenges" :-). 

But this project is a bit different because it does not deal 
with the well-documented tropical species we're used to buying 
at aquarium stores. Basically, I'm in unknown territory regarding 
the native plants. For example, since these plants are seasonal, 
will they die off in the winter months at the bidding of some 
internal clock? 

Is there anyone out there, perhaps a public aquarium or nature 
center curator, who has worked with a mid-Atlantic freshwater 
biotope tank? I'd be _very_ interested in hearing your experiences, 
advice, warnings, secret tips, etc.! 

At this moment, I don't have a list of refuge plants and fish 
candidates for the tank, but if you're interested, I could email the 
information to you later this week.


Shireen Gonzaga, Data Analyst, WFPC2 group, Space Telescope Science Institute
3700 San Martin Dr., Baltimore, MD 21218, USA.
office tel.#: 410-338-4412, e-mail: gonzaga at stsci_edu

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