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re ; anacharis

In regard to why the anacharis would halt the growth of algae the answer is
allotropy.  I believe this term is used to express behavior of one species
that limits the growth of another species.  I think that there must be
several levels of allotropic behavior.  There is the incidental allotropic
behavior of competition of resources.  This could best be expressed by,
say, pine trees blocking light to the forest floor thus limiting the growth
of other plants.  Another could be direct chemical warfare, such as vallis
is supposed to employ against sagateria.  I don't know what the anacharis
does.  If it's behavior is the first level of allotropy and it is simply
eating all the nutrients and starving the algae then any fast growing
plants would work.  Was your tank heavily planted before the anacharis was
added ?.  if so maybe the anacharis does put out a specific chemical.  

David Brooks