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fish that eat plants

I have recently been experiencing damage to plants caused by fish.  There
are both holes and side chunks missing from various plants including crypt
. balensae, h. Poly, ludvigia repens and others.   I removed a clown loach
but the damage persisted.  I have in the last couple of days removed a
Nannacara anomala.  I hope he was the culprit.  However, I was told by
someone that they have had bad experiences with dwarf neon rainbows
(praecox).  I have had these fish for a long time and would not have
thought about them as a plant eater.  
I looked in the archive but found only references to clown loaches and SAE
s.  So, in an effort to get a more comprehensive list of fish to avoid I
invite you all to send any experiences you have had with plant eaters and
information on which particular plants they fancy.  I shall compile a list
and post in a week or so.  
This could be especially useful considering the merry dance an unwanted
plant eater can lead you in a heavily (or formally heavily) planted tank.

David Brooks