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Re: Red light, green light

>White light is composed of three primary colors - red, green, and blue.
>Secondary colors are formed by mixing two of the primaries: cyan - green
>and blue, magenta - red and blue, and yellow - red and green.  Red leaf
>plants must be absorbing green light or they would not have red leaves
>but yellow leaves (where they only absorb the blue light and reflect the
>red and green light).  So there is a function for the green if you have
>red leave plants.  I guess full spectrum bulbs are the best all around
>bulbs for plants.

Actually, white_appearing_light can be made by the three colors red, green
and blue.  These were the colors chosen by man to generate colored images.
Most noticeable in RGB renderings is the loss in the yellow region.  The
predominate colors in sunlight are the colors seen in the rainbow; red,
orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet(remember the old ROY G BIV).
 The eye perceives a correct mixture of red, green and blue as white.  To
simulate sunlight, an artificial light would need the same colors as
sunlight and in the same proportions.  All light is made from emissions
generated by the natural elements with each element producing a discrete
color.  This is the way astronomers compare stars to our sun.  With that
said, I will leave the discussion as to which type of artificial bulb is best.

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