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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #848

>Date: Mon, 21 Jul 97 16:27:10 PST8
>From: spushak at CCGATE_HAC.COM
>Subject: digitizing video images of plants

>     I have a VHS camcorder and heard that it's possible to convert
>    into binary format for computers. Anybody know how that works? Also

>     curious about how to convert regular photos to digital format. You

>   know, the Krib could use a lot more nice pictures of many kinds of
> plants. I don't know if there's lots of room on the disk or not; Erik?

>    Also, has anybody seen emersed Elodea? What does it look like?
>   Steve P in Vancouver

Steve P,
To digitize video or pictures you need some method to get them into a
computer. First let me state I am talking about the Mac platform only! I
know most of this applies to Wintel,
but I like using the original windows machine.
For video you need a video capture card or on some Macs like the PPc
7500 it's built in. Then it's just a matter of hooking up standard RCA
pin cables to the input on the card or back of the Mac.  Next you need
some type of capture software, this is also incleded with most Macs.
Adobe Priemere is the more high end product and of course you pay for
For Photos, you will need a digital camera  to take pictures directly in
digital format or a scanner for regular paper pictures. Or, :->< if you
ask nicely , most pictures on the web can be saved and added to your
pages ____with permission of course!!!
I have all the above equipment and have supplied several people on the
list with pictures. If you or anyone else would like to make a request I
try to fill it . The only cost to you is to give me credit for the
picture and provide the URL that it is being used at.
Bill Ruff
If you want a sample of pictures taken with a digital camera the URl is
Title: planting page 4

First Plantings

The first plants where added about one week after intial setup. Fish where added the folowing week.

Since this is a new setup, parameters and progress will be reported here. For the time being here is a picture with the intial test plants. I plan to take it slow with the planting to see hwo the substrate holds up. i am a little concerned with hydrogen sulfide so i don't want to overdo it livestock if I need to teardown in a hurry.

Furthermore, my CO2 system is not operational yet so pages will be added describing my homemade CO2 system.