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Re: already asked, already answered.

Dear Paul Chapman,

I think your attack on "healer" was quite un-called for! Personally I
have no problem with "healer" as a name or handle! It's just a name!

As for the references (Krib, George and Karla Booth's wed site),
provided by the various contributors, isn't it true that someone without
a web browser wouldn't be able to access these sites! How about some old
fashioned references to paper based published material, then we won't
have to waste our lives "looking around the web"!

I haven't visited the sites suggested but isn't it also true that
web-pages are to a large extent whatever people want them to be, not
being peer reviewed or scrutinized by an independent editor! To be
honest I'd like to see more references to back issues, books etc., but
just call me old fashioned if you like!

As this is my first mail to the list I thought I'd ask a question.

I'm aware that there are captive breeding programs for various fish
species which are close to extinction due to habitat destruction etc. Do
similar projects exist for aquatic-plants?

Stuart Bunting.