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IceCap and T8s, shrimps

On the latest issue of That Fish Place catalog, I noticed that the
largest IceCap ballast in now recommended for use also with T-8 high
efficiency tubes (such as F32T8). Has anyone tried them yet with the
IceCap? Any problem? Before of converting to T-8 ballasts I bought a
couple of IceCaps, and I would not mind the extra flexibility of using
T8s instead of NOs (I have not been using VHOs for a while because their
cost is in my opinion unfair).

Somebody asked about sources for wood shrimps. I found them in a store
where I live, however Rare Fins had yellow south american shrimps
available a while ago. They were sold out, but I guess they can be
contacted for future shipments. No idea if they were of the filter
feeder type.