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Already Asked, Already Answered

"Healer" wrote:

> About substrate heating, I finally have the time to try substrate
> heating.  I know there is a lot of talk still about this, so I thought
> I'd ask some Qs about it.
> 1.  Would a heating pad, like the type one puts under an aquarium for
> reptiles effectively create convection currents?  My sources say no.

So has this list, on numerous occasions.

> 2.  Could someone gauge (roughly) the average cost to use heating coils
> as substrate heating?

Search the archives and the Krib.
> 3.  Where could I find some articles about DIY substrate heating?

See the above.

> 4.  What are its general effects on fish and plants (I know its supposed
> to speed up chemical reactions in the substrate -- but is there a
> notable difference in growth)?

See George and Karla Booth's website.  George posted the URL for it a few 
digests ago.
> thanks in advance,
> healer

This is annoying.  "healer", do you read this list, or merely post 
questions?  These topics have been discussed on this list many times, most 
recently last week.  It has been pointed out very recently that the Krib 
contains detailed instructions for constructing a DIY system.  Last week 
George Booth provided a pointer to his web site, containing a complete and 
informative description of effects and benefits derived from under gravel 
cables and comparisons of these cables to competing systems such as RUGF, 
etc.  (By the way, it also contains some of the most beautiful planted 
tank pictures available anywhere on the web.  They can make you weep.  
Thanks George.)

"healer" has been posting to various places on the web for a while now and 
should have figured out where to find this information.   Please don't 
treat this forum as a giant spoon feeding device that saves you the 
trouble of the most rudimentary research.  If you don't have time to look 
around the web for the information you need, we don't have time to listen 
to your questions.

Also, since you don't capitalize "healer", are we to assume that this is 
not, in fact, your name?  There have been posts lately asking people to 
use real names here, it seems only polite to comply.  The CB craze was 
over years ago.

Paul Chapman
Saskatoon, SK