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Reading a description of an Aqualine CO2 reactor in That Fish Place's
catalog, I came across the following:

It spoke of its 1.45 meters of contact travel "Allowing diffusion of 100g
CO2 with 10KH"

I thought I had a basic understanding of the CO2/pH/KH relationship, but
now I'm lost.. Is there something missing here? How does CO2 diffusion
relate to KH (besides pH)? Shouldn't they be talking about a time period
and/or water quantity? Perhaps grams per liter per hour?

Also, I don't remember reading anything about temperature. Wouldn't
temperature affect water's ability to hold CO2?

Finally, how does water's CO2 concentration affect further diffusion? My
gut tells me the process slows as concentrations rise. If I'm right, would
the addition of an inverted, CO2 filled bottle be a good indicator of
concentration? It's diffusion rate would seem to indicate preexisting

I realize there are other variables to consider (fish CO2 production, plant
usage, and loss to the atmosphere), but I'm hoping for a better feel for
what's going on here. 

Sorry, I'm new to all of this, and have next to no chemistry background. I
have only my gut, and now you, to depend on. I'd appreciate your help. I
hope I've made my confusion clear.