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CO2 Injection & Plant Growth???


>Date: Mon, 21 Jul 1997 16:48:38 -0700
>From: Ken Guin <Kenguin at erols_com>
>To: Aquatic-Plants at actwin_com
>Subject: CO2 Injection & Plant Growth???
>>Betsy wrote:
>>I have recently (three or four weeks ago) added CO2 to my planted
>>55 gallon tank and I am seeing a slight, but not impressive
>>increase in plant growth.  There is a persistent growth of blue-green
>>algae on the gravel, which I am combating by stirring the very top
>>layer of the gravel each morning.   I am currently using the Dupla
>>fertilizers with DuplaRit K in a gravel substrate.  I am adding 1 drop
>>of Duplaplant 24 drops per day.
>I too have started CO2 injection and with a reactor (both DIY). It has
>been going for two weeks and the only thing I have seen that has grown
>abundantly has been the brown algae.  I understand that this is really
>diatoms and not true algae and are caused by deficient lighting, so I
>have increased my wattage from about 1.5 w/g to 2 w/g, and I am waiting
>to see if there are any changes in plant growth and no return of the
>brown algae.  I have also heard that brown algae can be the result of
>silica (silicate acid).  Does anyone know if peat has silica in it. I
>added a large amount of peat just before the brown algae cropped up
>(and, I don't think that the algae are peat stains).
>I have read in some of the threads here that plant growth had taken off
>immediately and had even doubled in a week after initiating CO2
>injection.  I thought that might be a little hyperbole, but I would
>settle for "some" growth at this time.  I also realize that pea size
>gravel is probably not the best substrate, but I ain't changin' now.  I
>add chelated iron and Instant Amazon for trace minerals.
>Good luck to you Betsy, and I would be glad to hear suggestions from
>Ken Guin
>Kenguin at homemail_com