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bluegreen algae and no light

In an effort to conquer the blue grean algae outbreak in my tank, the tank
lights have been off for most of the last week. The result of this has been
that the BGA wants to migrate, the soft sheets of BGA detoriate into
fibrous chunks of floating BGA, and these fibers have been attaching
themselves to the glass tank sides, the only source of light now that the
tank lights are switched off, and the fibers are wrapping themselves around
plants assisted by the current from the filter. This appears to be BGA's
reaction to a loss of lighting, a method whereby it can move from a poor
light enviornment to hopefully a better one. While the BGA was always easy
to remove from plant leaves with a finger, it now seems to come off easier.
A wve of the hand in the water near a BGA encrusted plant will often
dislodge the BGA.

The tank water is clouded with tiny 1 mm long fibers of BGA and the filter
element needs to be cleaned more frequently as it is clogging up with BGA,
so I guess some of the stuff is being removed. The experiment continues.