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lighting: Nature Aquarium style

I was just reading up on the ADA homepage (the Q&A section) when I came
upon this:
"I have heard that the lighting you use is strongest in the green part
of the spectrum. Can you explain to me why this spectrum was chosen? It
has been my understanding that plants use mostly light in the red and
blue areas of the spectrum. 

It is true that terrestrial plants mostly use the red part of the
light-spectrum for photosynthesis. We have discovered, however, that
aquatic plants require green/blue light, which is less resistant to
refraction underwater. High in green/blue light, our NA Lamp fluorescent
lighting, brings out the tender green colors of aqua-plant and was
designed to provide adequate lighting right down to the substrate. This
insures that even short-stemmed foreground plants receive plenty of

Anybody have results with this?  What is "NA Lamp fluorescent lighting"
(maybe I'm missing something obvious)?  Would full spectrum lighting
(i.e. VitaLights) still be the best source for this?

thanks in advance,