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Petsmart and feeding algae eaters

The care and feeding of fish at Petsmart stores may be more related to
each store rather than generalized practices.  The Petsmart I patronize
feeds all their algae eaters zucchini.  I learned about different foods
to feed them from the petsmart.  They also feed according to the type
fish in each tank.  Most of the employees in the fish department are
quite knowledgeable.  I have never been in there that at least one of
the personnel on duty was not knowledgeable and had more than
rudimentary knowledge of the fish that were on display.


" A final word of caution. If you purchase any fish from Petsmart be
very careful. This is especially true with loricariids (or any other
specialized feeders). The fish will be very near starving since they
not have eaten any veggies since they were caught in the wild. I have
never seen any Petsmart feed anything but flake food. Place the fish in
nice tank alone and feed heavily on fresh greens (cucumber, spinach,
etc.). Keep a good supply of medicines on hand also. Yes you save money
Petsmart, but you will loose about 50% of the fish you buy there in