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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #840

Subject: Farowellas vs. Peckoltias

>Farowellas are unique and supposedly good algae eaters, but I've read
>they get big and are delicate.  Anyone kept these before?  Also, do they
>prefer the glass or leaves to chew off algae (I've kept ottos that stuck
>to the plants and plecos that liked the glass better)?  Finally, (and
>most important) how effective are they compared to Peckoltias?
>Peckoltias are cool and stay small.  However, they can't compare with
>the unique appearance of a "Twig Cat" (the wonderful jargon of the
>employees at Petsmart).

Peckoltia sp. eat little if any algae.  They are neat fish... I have a
number of differnt specis spread among my tanks.  But don't count on them
for algae control.  IMO, Farlowellas are too big for a 26G tank.  If your
algae is under control, they will most likely starve to death.  Get a bunch
of Otos instead.


Subject: Re: cheap substrate heating

>Good idea! The what you have described is a basic heat exchanger. Think
>of the radiator in your car. Silicone tubing would be good to run the
>lines, but to "pickup" and release the heat energy from the ballast you
>would need to use something more conductive to heat. Food grade copper
>tubing, if it suitable for use in the aquarium, comes to mind. 

Copper is a really bad idea in an aquarium.  It is toxic to plants, fish,
and other organisms as well.

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Association