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Riccia on wood

6 weeks ago I set up a new 40 gallon tank and included two pieces of wood 
with Riccia on it, attached using lots of monofilament line.  I followed 
instructions in Amano's book which indicates you need to wrap the line over 
and over, with lots of overlap to keep the Riccia down.  The book says that 
eventually the Riccia will attach to the wood and stop trying to leave it.

Yesterday the whole mass on both pieces of wood lifted itself off and 
floated to the surface.  Left behind were the pieces of wood with 
monofilament wrapped tightly around them and a few stray bits of Riccia.  
Not quite what I'd intended.

Does anyone have experience with this method of attaching Riccia to wood?  
I've since reattached the liverwort and will wait another 6 weeks to see if 
it stays this time!
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