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Farlowellas vs. Peckoltias

	There is not doubt here that Farlowella spp. are the better algae
cleaners. They are a bit more sensitive than Peckoltia spp. (i.e. die
easier). The two primary problems associated with their upkeep are a
faliure to adapt to hard water and shock from large water changes. If you
can overcome these two problems, the fish adapt quite well to captive
They are fantastic algae hunters and their thin rostrums allow them to eat
algae from even the smallest nooks and cranies (like the inside corners of
the tank). Peckoltia spp. are just not very good algae eaters. They seem
to prefer a more substantial diet of meaty foods.
	My current algae control crew consists of an Ancistrus sp (L 71),
a Farlowella sp., a Sturisoma sp. and two SAE (Crossocheilus cf.
siamensis). There is no algae what so ever in the tank.
	For a 25 gallon tank, my suggestion would be an Ancistrus sp.
(bushy-nose pleco). I have found them to be the best all around algae
	A final word of caution. If you purchase any fish from Petsmart be
very careful. This is especially true with loricariids (or any other
specialized feeders). The fish will be very near starving since they will
not have eaten any veggies since they were caught in the wild. I have
never seen any Petsmart feed anything but flake food. Place the fish in a
nice tank alone and feed heavily on fresh greens (cucumber, spinach,
etc.). Keep a good supply of medicines on hand also. Yes you save money at
Petsmart, but you will loose about 50% of the fish you buy there in
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