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Re: Farowellas vs. Peckoltias

I have not personally had either fish, but the information I have read
from Baensch Vol I on Peckoltias is that they require LOADS
of algae, or lots of veggie matter. Due to this large algae requirement,
it also states that one per 20gallons of water is best, that way
there is plenty of algae to go around. 
	Persoanlly I think these are cool loking fish, but, I prefer
the little Ottocinclus.  I have a 30gallon, and the day I planted her up,
and plopped my filter in, in went my crack team of algae eaters. 3 ottos!
Larry, Curley, and Moe. Or maybe its Crack, Snapple an Pop. More like the
3 Muskeeters!! Anyways, these little guys have munch on this tank for 7
months now. I get little algae, have loads of light, and I prolly ad too
of everything else, but hey, the tank rocks!! And these guys are fun to

Farowellas are delicate. Thas all i know, its too dark to read this book!

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