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Farowellas vs. Peckoltias

Hey all,

As I'm still waiting for my 25 gallon tank to finish cycling, I'm trying
to decide ahead of time which of the two would be better to keep algae
in check.  I can't find SAEs, so these are my choices.

Farowellas are unique and supposedly good algae eaters, but I've read
they get big and are delicate.  Anyone kept these before?  Also, do they
prefer the glass or leaves to chew off algae (I've kept ottos that stuck
to the plants and plecos that liked the glass better)?  Finally, (and
most important) how effective are they compared to Peckoltias?

Peckoltias are cool and stay small.  However, they can't compare with
the unique appearance of a "Twig Cat" (the wonderful jargon of the
employees at Petsmart).

Any comments are welcome, including theories.