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Does anyone call mystery snails (Ampullaria cuprina) trapdoor snails?  
I'm asking this because I made the mistake of ordering "trapdoor snails"
from a mail order shop to which they turned out to be two adult mystery
snails that I don't need or want.  I thought I was getting Vivipara
malleatus or Melanoides tubercularia.  These have so many names its not
funny.  They include: Malayasian trumpet snail, Malaysian live bearing
snail, Japanese or Malaysian trapdoor snail, and Malaysian burrowing

I feel sorry for these snails because they were sent in a cruel manner,
IMHO.  One bag had very almost no water in it, and the other had no
water at all.  I know they can come out of the water for extended
periods, but to remain out of the water for three days (that was the
supposed the standard UPS period to mail them)... I was just surprised
they survived.

If you waited as long as I did (two weeks) and then find out that you
got the wrong snails and have to find another source, I think you'd be
pretty t.o.ed like me.

Any comments,

PS - Anybody want them?  I doubt any of the petstores in my area will
take them.  They're about an inch in diameter, gray with black stripes.
Be warned, they eat plants (first mystery snails I've encountered that