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need advice

I have posted this on some of the aquaria newsgroups with minimal (read 2)
responses.  I thought I'd try here to get some advice.  I am an experienced
fishkeeper but only with african ciclids  (Yum Yum we like to dig up and eat
plants). Plants are a new concept for me in a tank.

I am planning a 20H plant tank (mabey adding a few tetras for color) and
have at my disposal an Eheim 2211 and an Eheim 2213 canister filter.  I was
planning on them both coming through a sponge prefilter (tetra Phas II
unless someone advises me otherwise)   I was considering running one with
some sort of Bioballs and the other with Floss,carbon, and possibly chemi
pure.  I was planning then on just having the water return through a
biowheel, but I have read here recently that this causes the CO2
concentrations to go down. I am planning on trying a DIY CO2 generator.  What
does everyone else use for their filter return?
Should I just have a tube ending at water level?  Am I committing overkill
with my filtration?    I know the plants will help to keep the water clean
but I cant stand cloudy water with suspended particles.  

For lighting I am planning on 2 strip flourescent lights.  What do y'all
(yes I'm from Texas) think the best bulbs are for a plant tank?   I am
planning on the plants being mostly Anubias.

What about substrate? I was planning on using a mixture of fine sharp sand
blasting sand (grain diam 1-2mm) mixed with seachem's Flourite. Is this a
decent mixture? Should I add DuplaRit G or DuplaRit K to the substrate? 
What do y'all feel is a good substrate?

I need a bit of advice.

Darin.Clapp at Compaq_Com