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Raising CO2 by pH-KH adjustment, possible?

Sorry friends, my 2 previous email are incomplete, here is the completed

Dear folks,

With the equations stated with George and other fellow,

(1)                      CO2
    pH = 6.37 + log [  ------- ]

From (1), we can obtain 18mg/l dissolved CO2, with
10.98mg/l CaCO3, adjusted to pH6.37. 
For a 100l aquarium, you can add 1.098g CaCO3, adjusting the pH with 
addition of strong acid to pH6.37, then you can maintain 
18mg/l dissolved CO2 for a period of time. (without addition of extra
gaseous CO2).

But, it is only theortical.
Is it possible to carry out by daily addition of dilute buffered CaCO3

There is a Japanese product which stating that in optimal pH and
KH value, CO2 can be raised up to 16mg/l.
I doubt if it is possible to rasie CO2 level by adding their urine-like
product to the aquarium tank. 

Any idea?