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Thank you Geo Booth for mentioning the AFM article re UGH.  It was the 
July 95 issue.  I hope we can drop this thread and appologize for making 
it a little longer.  If any of you out there want to know more, either 
contact me directly with questions or get the AFM issue.  

In particular I would suggest you review page 50 which has a derivation 
of equation for temperature difference between the inlet and outlet of 
the grid.  The temperature drop will be found from the equation delta T = 
2.44 watts/ Q where Q is the flow rate in gallons per hour.  The 
temperature drop has NOTHING to do with conductivity of material in the 
grid.  That conductivity will affect how good a job the coil does of 
extracting heat from the source.  (How good a job it will cool off the 

Rather than waste lots of band width on this subject, please send 
inquiries to me and lets' get back to the the plant growing business.

--Earle Hamilton from northern Michigan