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I've been going around with George Booth over methods for calculating
values in the ph-kh-co2 tables.  After a few cycles we finally arrived at
a formula that is consistent with his notes and reproduces the values in
his table.

The formula is:

	CO2 = 12.839 * KH * 10^(6.37-pH)

With KH in German degrees, CO2 is calculated in mg/l (=ppm).

The formula from the USGS reference I gave in an earlier letter gives
slightly different results.  That formula is

	CO2 = 1.60 * HCO3 * 10^(6-pH)

With HCO3 in mg/l as HCO3, CO2 is calculated in mg/l (=ppm).

Thanks for your help, George.

Roger Miller