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Re: CO2-Kh-PH table: Reference Wanted

>From: Sanjay Joshi <sjoshi at psu_edu>
>Subject: CO2-Kh-PH table: Reference Wanted
>I have seen the CO2-Kh-pH tables in several places. I am looking for
>a published reference that explains the chemistry behind these
>tables, and also provides the formulas and equations used to derive
>the tables.

This is overkill, but you may try:

James F. Pankow: Aquatic Chemistry Concepts. Lewis Publishers, 
Chelsea, Michigan, 1991.

This is not at all a quick and easy reference, the information you seek 
can be dug out mainly from chapters 5 and 9. Note that KH doesn't 
exist in "real" chemistry, but it is the same thing as alkalinity, which 
does exist.
Why don't you talk with the local chemistry department at your 

Jens Stoevlbaek