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Re: Substrate Heating

> This substrate heating is an interesting topic and if there
> would be an inexpensive (and safe) way to do it -  I would
> like to give it a try.

This has been beaten to death many times.  Earle Hamilton had an
article in AFM some time ago (perhaps there is a copy in the archives
somewhere) that described a closed system using a PVC manifold and an
aquarium heater.  He reports excellent results with this system, it is
safe and it is cheap.

BTW, a plastic-coil-wrapped-around-a-heater-with-a-pump is a system
that has been sold by Bioplast in England for at least 3 or 4 years.
Check back issues of Practical Fishkeeping for the full story. Even
though it's a commercialized system, I still don't think it will work
very well, if at all.

I'm not trying to stop the flow of ideas, but, hey folks, check the
APD archives.  There are many postings on all kinds of ways to make a
substrate warm and maybe even a few that might come close to the
benefits of the hideously expensive Dupla heating coils.  Heck, you
might even find some postings that decribe making a real heating coil
setup for, say, $50 or less (hint, hint).

Thank you for listening to my outburst,