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Hi i have been readinding this post for quite some time now and i have a few
questions.  I am looking to make a "richer" substrate for my plants...what do
you guys recomend to use (kitty liter, etc.)....i am looking for the easiest
way to go here!!!  Currently i'm just using plain old regular natual aquarium
gravel.  My next question is how much light do you guys recommend for a 55
gal. tank.  I have read on here that 2 watts per gal. is good but my problem
is my hood can only hold one light!!!!  My tank gets direct sunlight most of
the day though a fairly large southern window (would this sunlight be
sufficent enough for the tank along with the 40 watt light).  If i need more
lighting what is the cheapest way to add more lights to my tank???  Also, i
am currently using DIY (sugar and yeast) CO2 injection but i would like to
purchase a 5 lb. CO2 tank....my question is what is a fairly good regulator
and needle valve to get (please give me the price and stores phone number and
address if possable where i could find these)???  I would really appreciate
any and all responses!!!!

thank you,
Chris Simmons
Griff1324 at aol_com