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Re: DIY substrate heating

> I do not quite agree with George saying silicon tubing
> would be a pretty good insulator, it is rather the opposite.
> Assuming Silicon tubing contains mostly Silicon, it actually
> is a very good thermal conductor. Here are some thermal
> conductivities to compare (in units of W/cm*C):
> Silicon:           1.57
> Steel:             0.97
> Stainless Steel:   0.329
> Iron:              0.803

Be careful here!  This value for silicon appears to be for elemental
silicon (the stuff that transistors are made of) not for silicone rubber
(the stuff that tubing is made from). 

On another note.  I use a remote ballast setup w/hybrid electronic 
ballasts.  The ballasts get barely warm when they are operating, and the 
distance from the tank to the ballasts would probably suck off any heat I 
could collect from them.  Anyone with a similar setup would probably need 
to use some other source of heat.

Roger Miller.