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Re: Brown silt

>Date: Sun, 13 Jul 1997 10:14:44 -0700
>From: AL ROBINSON <amrsb at erols_com>
> Having several tanks, I recently started a plant tank. 29L, two floura
> grow lamps, power heads etc. etc.  ... I have encountered a brown silt
> like substance covering the entire tank. I have tried gently wiping it
> from the plants leaves only to have it rapidly return. Could it be the
> peat breaking down? Help.

I don't know what "floura grow" lamps are but I bet they aren't very
bright.  What you are seeing is probably "brown algae" or diatoms.
These typically appear when the light levels are too low.  "Silt"
(fine dirt) would not stick to things very well and would become
suspended when you stirred the water.  Since you had to "wipe" it, I'm
guessing diatoms. Does this stuff look like the crud that forms in
water tubing and filter boxes that aren't lighted?  Same thing.