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Brown silt

I received the below email and don't even begin to know what to tell this
guy.  Any takers?  Remember to reply directly to him.  - Cynthia


>Date: Sun, 13 Jul 1997 10:14:44 -0700
>From: AL ROBINSON <amrsb at erols_com>
>Reply-To: amrsb at erols_com

>Maybe then you can help. Having several tanks, I recently started a
>plant tank. 29L, two floura grow lamps, power heads etc. etc. The plants
>consist of anubius, sag. corkscrew, java fern amoung others. The
>substrate consists of peat, sand and gravel. The tanks also consists of
>two angels and two tinfoils. Although the plants seem to be rooting well
>with the anubius showing new leaves I have encountered a brown silt like
>substance covering the entire tank. I have tried gently wiping it from
>the plants leaves only to have it rapidly return. Could it be the peat
>breaking down? Help.