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Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #830

How about tightly coiling the air line around a submersible heater? I wouldn't expect the air line to melt. Although this wouldn't solve the problem of cooling down the ballast, it would help heat the substrate! :)

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<<  was just sitting around looking at my fish tank and thought of a way to
 do cheap substrate heating.  How about taking some silicon air line and
 have that in the substrate, then hook up a small (really small) powerhead
 or something to circulate water, and wrap some of the air line around our
 so many flourcent light balasts.  We would be able to heat the substrate
 and cool the balast at the same time!  All this for a fraction of the cost
 of a substrate heating device.
That sounds like a neat idea, but wouldn't the ballasts get hot enough to
melt the silicone?


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