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Re: HQI Metal Halides

> >	I'm putting together a 150 gallon planted tank (60 x 24 x 24) that I
> >plan to set up in an open top configuration.  I'm interested in
> >communicating with folks who have practical experience with German HQI
> >metal halides with the double sided contacts?  These lamps are used in
> >some of the fixtures sold by Dupla, AB (Aquastarlight) and Giesemann. I
> >remember reading somewhere that these are Osram bulbs (available at
> >least in 150 and 250 Watts at 5400 and 10,000 K) but I haven't been able
> >to find them (or something comparable) in the Grainger catalog. I'd like
> >to identify possible U.S. sources and some info. on what is available in
> >terms of color temperature, CRI and wattage.

The Osram bulbs are available in the US from Sylvania/Osram.  I've found a 
local lighting supply that is able to order these lamps.  You can also 
order these bulbs from Pet Warehouse since they carry the Geisemann 

> >	I'd also be interested in information on appropriate ballasts and
> >possible DIY hanging fixtures as well as opinions from anyone who might
> >have experience with the Dupla LI, Aquastarlight or Giesemann fixtures.
> >I know the Dupla fixtures are insanely expensive but is anyone out there
> >(from the USA) actually using them?

Dupla's fixtures are not available in the US.  They don't manufacture a 
110V fixture.  All they manufacture is a 220V 50Hz fixture.  I would LOVE 
to have a pair of these pendants.  Apparently they use to offer a US model 
but discontinued offering them.

The AB fixtures are going to become hard to come by as well since the US 
distributor, JP Burleson is no longer going to carry them.  You might want 
to contact them about their heavily discounted AB fixtures.  I know he has 
at least one 2x250W fixture that I was looking at but he will not allow 
returns on the discontinued AB products.  Sight unseen I wasn't willing for 
fork over the $1000 that fixture commands.

I am waiting on pricing info for the Geisemann fixtures.  Although the 
literature states that the ballast's are internal to the fixture, with the 
US models this isn't the case.  I am looking at hanging two of Geisemann's 
Nova (250W) pendants over my 120g.  These are very close to the Dupla 
pendants in features and function.  They have a ratcheting suspension 
system similar to Dupla's.

It's a shame that these quality fixtures are so hard to find and so 
expensive.  With me, asthetics is key and most of the US made aquarium 
products are second rate and manfactured with no attention to fit-n-finish.

Good luck...

Mike Bateman
St. Louis, MO