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my dilemma on sunlight/pond water

Hey everyone,
I have a problem with my new tank that I set up June 19.  I still don't
have a light fixture, but I use my tortoise's heating lamp -- a
Reptilight I think -- and during the afternoon the sun beats down on the
aquarium.  The plants love it (my Mad lace plant has set up four leaves
already - I thought this plant was supposed to be hard to grow).  Its
fun to watch them all bubble when the sunlight reaches them.  Its like
clockwork and they only send out the bubbles when they are getting
direct sunlight.  
I do a 25% water change every Friday, daily supplements of iron and
Seachem's Flourish (does anybody know its percentages of nutrients? It
doesn't say on the label which makes me suspect there isn't much). 
Filter is an Ovation 400 Internal power filter.  CO2 is yeast method.

However, I'm getting a green algae bloom on my glass and some nasty gray
hair algae on my ferns which is slowly killing them. Should I
discontinue the sunlight?  Since the tank is still cycling, is the algae
getting a hold because of cycling (I read somewhere that algae sometimes
grows when a tank is first set up)?  What should I do?


I am currently getting some water from a nearby stream to feed my
freshwater clam -- the last of nine. I've read somewhere that an
aquarium does not hold enough food for them and they slowly die off and
that I should add stream or pond water to feed them.  Its pretty cool
because I get lots of interesting animals running around in the tank.  I
don't have any fish yet (I was think of some ottos if the algae
persists) and since its a stream, there is little chance I'll get any
dragon fly larvae.  

Will this water have any positive or negative effects?  Am I actually
feeding my clam?  Will it contribute to my current algae problem?

Thanks in advance,