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Vahe's Tank

Vahe wrote:

>The substrate is 0.08-0.1" river sand, with laterite balls under the more
>valuable plants. I have no substrate heating, I did try CO2 injection with
>little or no success (perhaps, a yeast bottle was way too little for this
>large tank). I fertilize my tank by PMDD, 15ml/day. There is no natural
>sunlight falling on this tank, I use 4x40W + 1x80W fluorescents, which
>makes a total of 240W of fluorescent light, plus two 60W incadescents,
>dimmed to half brightness, to increase the output of red spectra. 

My bet is you're overfertilizing.  15 ml/day is a ton of PMDD IMHO and
especially if your CO2 inputs are questionable (or non-existant).  Do a
couple of water changes, cut out the PMDD for maybe a week or so, and
then try 1 - 3 ml/day and see if things improve.

I don't think you have too much light (I have 320W for my 125 gal.
tank).  However, it may be enough light that you need an effective CO2
setup going.  A good CO2 system with less fertilizer may be all you
need!  I would try to get a few test kits organized (nitrate, Ph, iron
and perhaps phosphate).  Perhaps you could mail order them from your
country?  Or order them over the internet.

Good luck, Steve Dixon